TIB’s First Data Journalism Workshop for ERF Sparks Enthusiasm

Published: 14 October 2023

Dhaka, 14 October 2023: Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) marked a milestone by hosting its inaugural data journalism workshop for members of the Economic Reporters Forum (ERF), a move aimed at empowering journalists and promoting data-driven reporting.

A total of 35 journalists from different media outlets participated in the event, signalling a new chapter in TIB's commitment to promoting transparency and combating corruption through data-driven journalism. Unlike previous initiatives targeting university students, this workshop focused on equipping seasoned journalists with essential data journalism skills.

Data journalism, often regarded as the pinnacle of investigative reporting, wields the ability to uncover anomalies, reveal concealed realities, and enforce accountability. TIB aims to harness the unexplored capabilities of data journalism in Bangladesh, empowering journalists to adeptly navigate obstacles such as increasing authoritarianism in governance and self-imposed censorship.

The workshop kicked off with interactive sessions, introducing journalists to the nuances of data journalism. Progressing further, participants delved into effective techniques for harnessing open data sources using spreadsheets and data analysis tools.

A key highlight was the workshop's emphasis on unveiling discrepancies and anomalies concealed within datasets, a vital skill for investigative journalism. Seasoned journalists, reflecting on the day's learning, envisioned a potential revival and renewed interest in the country's media industry through the adoption of data journalism.

During the certificate distribution ceremony, Dr. Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director of TIB, underscored the transformative impact of data journalism. He highlighted its ability to generate evidence-based reports, enabling journalists to hold the power structure accountable, especially in the face of challenges posed by state interference in the media.

Through the active participation of seasoned journalists in this workshop, TIB has reached a noteworthy milestone, igniting a transformative movement in Bangladesh's media landscape. This initiative seeks to catalyse a fundamental shift by leveraging the potential of data journalism and cultivating a new generation of investigative reporters.