Citizens' Conference Inspires Anti-Corruption Unity in Sylhet

Published: 07 October 2023

Sylhet, 7 October 2023: The Committee of Concerned Citizens (CCC), with support from Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), convened in Sylhet for the CCC Regional Conference on October 6-7. The conference, themed 'Corruption, Poverty, Injustice: Citizens' Thoughts', brought together more than a hundred participants from nine CCCs across Sylhet, Mymensingh, and Dhaka divisions, all sharing a common goal: to work towards a corruption-free Bangladesh, aligning with the ideals of the 1971 Liberation War.

At the conference, representatives from CCC chapters engaged in in-depth discussions regarding their ongoing activities, shared their experiences, and explored the challenges and prospects associated with TIB's flagship project, 'Participatory Action Against Corruption: Towards Transparency and Accountability (PACTA).' Dr. Iftekharuzzaman, TIB's Executive Director, led the opening ceremony. Dr. Zaman not only acknowledged the unwavering commitment of the Prime Minister in the fight against corruption but also called for a unified effort to ensure that those involved in corruption face legal consequences.

In open discussion sessions, participants underscored the necessity of adopting a comprehensive approach to ensure the success of the ongoing social anti-corruption movement. They provided invaluable insights into various avenues for future exploration in this regard. Additionally, the discussions highlighted the vital role that government agencies can play in preventing corruption and emphasised the importance of making the parliament more effective. The speakers also addressed the need for effective enforcement of existing anti-corruption laws, as well as the creation of new legal frameworks to combat corruption effectively.

Throughout the conference, participants expressed concerns over pressing issues such as money laundering and the Cyber Security Act. However, they left the event with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism for a brighter future. Key takeaways from the conference included a focus on enhancing institutional capacity to fight corruption and increasing public awareness of this critical issue. The gathering served as a beacon of hope, uniting citizens in their commitment to creating a more transparent and corruption-free society.