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Who can become a member of TIB?

Membership is open to anyone, regardless of religion, caste, community, sex, beliefs, and occupation, concerned about corruption and wants to be involved in activities to curb it.

What are the benefits of being a TIB member?

Members can help the organisation with research, program, publications, consultancy, and fundraising. They are invited to all outreach events organised by TIB, receive an annual calendar and notebook, and are informed of various TIB activities through electronic bulletins and other means. They can also collect any reports or other documents released by TIB.

How often does TIB organise members' events?

Annual Member Meeting (AMM) typically takes place between May and June. TIB holds quarterly Member Days to provide an "open house" opportunity for members to visit TIB and discuss any matters related to TIB programs with staff members. The Member Days aim to foster closer interaction and involvement of members in TIB's activities.

Can members become a part of the Advisory Committee of the Board?

Yes, a representative of the members can become a member of the Advisory Committee of the Board for a two-year tenure.

What are the different types of TIB Membership?

Previously, TIB had four different types of Membership, but now we only invite applications for the TIB membership category.

Are students eligible for TIB Membership?

No, students are discouraged from applying for TIB Membership.

What is the fee for TIB Membership?

The joining/induction fee for TIB members is Tk. 1000/-, and an annual renewal fee is Tk. 200/-.

What are the expectations from TIB Members?

Members are expected to share TIB's vision, mission and values, observe and uphold the Code of Ethics, and be committed to actively promoting and realising TIB's goals.

Is TIB Membership voluntary?

Yes, TIB Membership is on an entirely voluntary basis.

Fee/ Subscription of Membership:

Joining/ Induction fee for TIB Member is Tk. 1000/- and an annual renewal fee is Tk. 200/-.

TIB Members
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