What type of world do I want to live in the year 2030

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The world in the year 2030, only 14 years away, will be a happy and discrimination free as a whole. Though this time seems very short yet a lot of things will be possible to do by then if the youth take the responsibility to organize it.
Now, corruption is the most common crisis in all countries. It hinders economical development, reduces GDP and NNR, we want to make the world corruption free through social movement.
The modern world is unserviceable without technology; a wide discrimination is there in this field. People from different region of the world are depriving from magical touch of technology; it has to be even. Internet service has to be indiscriminate. The data which cost 1$ in India, is 5$ in Bangladesh and 10$ in Africa won’t do, a standard rate would be there.
A scientific, information and technology base education will be everywhere removing traditional one. Each of the children will grow up with proper skill.
Terrorism is a terrible crisis, terrorists have no religion they are enemy to humanity. Within 2030 the world will be freed from terrorism. Misuse of technology increases terrorist activities; publicity and technological security system will stop it and it will be used for human welfare.
Human civilization is under threat for climate change. Each of the countries will work together for stopping climate change and to protect bio-diversity.
Few of the countries will enjoy luxury and some will remain hungry, uneducated, deprived from health care, humanity and insecure, it won’t be. With combined effort, developed countries will take responsibility to make back-warded countries developed, fulfill in knowledge, food and technology. 
There will be no country called first or third world, want to live in a happy-prosperous, just, modern with technology,  and terrorism, corruption and hunger free world.


0 #2 Md. Suruj Khan 2016-09-09 00:13
Thanks alot. #Mijan
0 #1 Kazi Mijanur Rahman 2016-09-09 00:10
best Idea....

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