Ashiyan city housing grabed lot's of people house, land everything. we are not getting justice even in the Bangladesh High court !!

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Ashiyan city housing grabed people land, house everything without pay nothing. They buy 50 katha land and forcefully taken 100s 100s katha people land. Ashiyan city makes lot's of family homeless, landless and no punishment for the owner of the Ashiyan city housing. Nozrul still free, he doing criminal offence but no punishment for him. Why ?? Many many cases against Nozrul in local police station and court, strangely he is safe hand. Big Big dishonest, corrupted people helping nozrul. We report Prime minister office, Local Mp, jurnalist, human rights, Dudok, police, Rab, court but nobody come forward to help Doshkhin khan people. Why Government silent ? Very shocking new for Doshkhin khan people when High court give judgment against people, who lost everything by Ashiyan city housing, lot's of proof against Ashiyan city housing although court support Ashiyan city housing. It was very pathetic and sad news for them who lost their everything. Same High court give new orders to Ashiyan city housing stop all their work.Now all Doshkhin khan people are confused,because before High given judgment against inocent people.Hope criminal wii punished and we will get proper justice. Where we can find honest people....,front, back everywhere only dishonest, corrupted people. If you go road traffic police stop car and want money, if you go  Government office officers want money. If u go market formalin mix fish, vegetables, fruit, If go Government hospital they want momey for service, even we are not safe in house  because night time 4/5 person will come and they will say Police or Rab after that nobody no they will come back live or not. people are Confused there is any Government in Bangladesh or not. People not getting justice anywhere even in court.

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