No justice !! No Humanity !! where is going Bangladesh ??

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Criminal Nozrul grabed people land and put signboard.

There was a land of mine somewhere adjacent with this signboard, now I can't go near my land. Land grabber make problem for innocent peoples. Everyone afraid to talk about them, no punishment for him, who made doshkhin khan people homeless, landless. We have reported prime minister's  office long time ago, strangely prime minister never looked Doshkhin khan's people problem. Where we will go for justice. prime minister, land minister, high court no body come forward to help Doshkhin khan people. If government don't take any action against this Land grabber, one day another Land grabber will come to grab Prime minister's office, land minister's office, Parliament house, president's house, High court everything. Day by day Bangladesh drowning under the darkness, corruption. I am requesting Prime minister to put these peoples for judicial punishment and provoke our land from him and give our people's land back. Government have to change the housing law, because poor people lost their everything by greedy housing authority and no punishment for their criminal offence. We want justice from Prime minister and want to see action taken against them. Hope Prime minister will show some humanity, kindness, sympathy and honesty. 

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