Keeping the Neighborhood Safe, if you want to safe...

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Every residential colony or society has something unique about its architecture and layout but ultimately it is the people who make it special by building a community around it…

It has been said in one of the holy books that “Far better a neighbor that is near than a brother far off.”

How true!

Keeping present scenario in mind, I am raising this topic for your concern, as everywhere terrorist attacks happening in the world.

In today’s world, though technology makes it possible to have thousands of “friends”, but how many of them actually come to help when needed?

The families that make up our neighborhood are possibly one of our best social networks; for when there’s an emergency, it’s more likely that our neighbors are the first ones who step in before even our closest friends or relatives can possibly arrive.

Safety in the Neighborhood

As we hear about the growing level of crime incidences all over, it becomes increasingly important to take appropriate measures to combat security issues in the areas we live.

If members of a neighborhood get together, they can effectively work towards ensuring safety and security in their locality. For the same, good neighbors can look out for others and their actions can be directed towards the welfare of the community.

Benefits of a connected Neighborhood

Additionally, various communities looking at the option of developing neighborhood watch groups can prevent unwarranted crime and violence in their neighborhoods. Their mission can be to keep an eye on their surroundings; and if they see a suspicious person prowling about or any other untoward happening, they immediately get in touch with each other and the concerned authorities.

Here are some tips to promote safety in your neighborhood:

Provide basic security education

Develop security practices  

Provide sufficient lighting 

Install live surveillance equipment

Spread the word 

Promote feelings of neighborliness 

We can say that neighbors play an important role in integrating society and keeping the community safe. It’s always heart-warming to be surrounded with people who have good feelings for one another. An important thing to remember is that having great neighbors begins with being a good neighbor yourself.

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