Nine Integrity Basics for Every Citizens: Inputs Sought

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Below are your inputs on Integrity Basics for every citizens. Kindly review them and add any specific inputs you may have. Soon on the occasion of International Anti Corruption Day on December 9th, we will be creating broad awareness about them.

We look forward to your inputs!
Nine Integrity Basics for Every Citizens:
1. Never pay a bribe to get work done or get through
2. Never accept a bribe for doing work
3. Do not use an agent for your work in any Government Office
4. Ask for a bill/receipt with every product purchased or service used
5. Give a bill/receipt for any sale made/service rendered
6. Do not try to hide income from tax authorities
7. Do not cheat in exams and tests
8. Do not make fake documents and certificates
9. When in queues, wait for your turn instead of jumping the queue.

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