Anti-Corruption Slogans: Watchwords against Corruption

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01. Know Your Rights,

Show Your Guts,

Be a Better Citizen. 



02. Hate Corruption at Heart,

Always Be Alert,

Take Action That is Smart. 



03. A Corruption is a Corruption

Irrespective of Age, Race & Culture.



04. Take Action

Eradicate Corruption. 



05. Knowing 'Right to Information Act'

Will Save You from Evil Impact. 



06. Illegal Means Adaptation


A Serious Corruption.  



07. Learn to Hate Corruption from Family,

Pave the Way to Humanity. 



08. Nepotism, Bribery are

Anonymous to Corruption.  



09. We Hate Treachery

We Love Transparency. 



10. Food Adulteration


A Corruption.  



11. Hate Hypocrisy

Take Transparency. 



12. Discourage Obscurity

Encourage Transparency.  



13. A Corruption Free Nation

Energizes Young Generation. 



14. Be Transparent


Social Development.  



15. Mounting Anti-Corruption Movement

Helps Society to Be Transparent.  



16. Depravity, Immorality

Antonymous to Transparency.  



17. Speak out against Corruption

Create Positive Social Situation. 



18. Effective Parliament


Unified Development.



19. Legal Passivity

Leads to Social Instability.



20. Ensure Human Rights

Ensure Good Governance.



21. Supremacy of Bureaucracy

Handicaps Transparency.                      

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