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Enactment of the RTI Act, 2009 in Bangladesh is considered as a milestone - a step forward towards upholding the Constitutional pledge of promoting freedom of thought, conscience and speech. Right to information (RTI), was declared as "… a fundamental human right and the touchstone for all freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated” 1 in the 65 th plenary meeting of the General Assembly of the UN. It works as a reinforcement in realizing other rights and empowers people with different options, choices and freedom of opinion. If utilized well, it can be a critical tool to ensure transparency of duty bearers in discharging their duties in a way that enables people to receive their entitlements and services from the state. It also allows citizens to seek information from duty bearers and make duty bearers responsible for disseminating important information proactively even when it is not asked for. RTI helps governance system function well, creates an environment that promotes participation of people for policy formulation and participatory governance

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