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Corruption database 2004-2005


Corruption Database


Corruption Database is an on-going round-the-year effort of TIB to create a storehouse of knowledge on the nature, magnitude, form, depth, spread and implications of corruption in Bangladesh. Reports on corruption in leading daily news papers published from the capital and outside are the source of information for the database.


Analytical reports on the collected information are prepared on a half-yearly basis and reported for public information through roundtable conferences participated by the civil society, media, concerned officials and other stakeholders. Special efforts are made to corroborate a portion of randomly selected reports (at present 15-20 percent) in order ensure methodological validity.


Sven reports have been published so far. The report for the period of January-December, 2004 was released on 15 September 2005. The database is also a key source of information for selection of in-depth studies and follow-up policy advocacies. TIB's Corruption Database has been adopted by the TI Secretariat as an anti-corruption tool.