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Governance in the Migration Process: Challenges and the Way Forward - Executive Summary (English)

However, there is a dearth of in-depth research on good governance in migration-related institutions, legal framework and migration process. Despite various initiatives by the Government, different pre- and post-migration problems still prevail; and ensuring transparency in this sector has not been possible. In spite of legal and institutional frameworks on labour migration in Bangladesh, a number of problems have been identified in different research and newspaper reports. Moreover, establishment of good governance in migration has been emphasised in different studies, and it has also been mentioned that shortcomings of good governance in the labour migration sector instigates risky, irregular migration and human trafficking.

Considering labour migration as a sector of employment generation for a huge number of people, earning of foreign exchange through remittances and as the key driver of the national economy this research has been conducted, and accordingly, different challenges relating to good governance in labour migration process have also been identified. The major objective of this research is to review the challenges of good governance in Bangladesh's labour migration sector and work out the ways to overcome them.

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