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Governance in the Migration Process: Challenges and the Way Forward - Full Report (English)

Labour migration is an important sector for the Bangladesh economy. Overseas employment plays a critical role in reducing the pressure of employment generation at home as well as in increasing supply of foreign currency and reserve. Labour migration is a sector which is mainly based on private organisations, as services are taken basically from the individuals and private recruiting agencies. These agencies work as medium/ catalyst for completing the process of migration. The key function of the concerned government agencies is to approve and process the relevant documents with regard to labour migration.

Different problems in the labour migration sector in Bangladesh have been identified in different research and newspaper reports. Establishment of good governance in migration has been given emphasis in different studies and conclusions have also been made that shortcomings of good governance in this sector have instigated risky, irregular migration and human trafficking. This research has been conducted considering labour migration as a sector of employment generation for a huge number of people, earning of foreign exchange through remittances and as the key driver of the national economy and accordingly. Different challenges relating to good governance in labour migration process have been identified through this study.

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