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Good Governance in RMG Sector: Progress, Challenges and Way out - Executive Summary (English)

 The Rana Plaza accident has been considered as a stark embodiment of lack of good governance and corruption in the Ready-made Garments (RMG) sector in Bangladesh. After this accident, TIB’s research on RMG sector (October 2013) indentified major causes of accidents and compliance deficits in this sector that include lack of coordination among stakeholders, negligence to duties, political influence and different forms of collusive corruption and irregularities. The research indentified 63 broader issues regarding governance deficits in RMG sector and assessed 102 initiatives undertaken by the government and other stakeholders after the accident. TIB also gave 25 recommendations to establish good governance in this sector. Afterwards, TIB conducted two follow up studies in 2014 and 2015 to track progresses of those initiatives. It is found through these studies that 34 initiatives have been fully implemented in two years after the Rana Plaza accident due to sustained efforts made by the government and other stakeholders. In this context, TIB has undertaken this study (2015-2016) to assess the progress of remaining 68 initiatives in the last one year.
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