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Dhaka Medical College Hospital: A Diagnostic Study, Executive Summary

Dhaka Medical College Hospital:

A Diagnostic Study

Executive Summary


Taslima Akter

Shahidul Islam


The Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) is the central point of public health services of all the government hospitals in Bangladesh. It was established in 1946. Everyday, on an average, 1,432 patients come to the outdoor and 450 to the emergency units of the hospital, while 184 patients are admitted to the indoor for treatment. The patients are supposed to receive medical treatment at a low cost as it is a government-run hospital. However, it is alleged that the patients are regularly deprived of the health facilities due to a number of irregularities and corrupt practices.

As there is a dearth of knowledge and organised information about the nature, process and magnitude of corruption, TIB undertook an in-depth study on this hospital. In conducting the study, information was collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primary information was collected from a survey, observation, and open discussions. The survey was carried out among 850 patients selected through simple random and systematic random sampling.

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