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Governance Challenges in Bangladesh: The Way Forward (Volume - 8)

Transparency International Bangladesh (TlB) has been working to create a social movement against corruption and to promote good governance in the country. As a part of its mandate, TIB undertakes research and know ledge-based advocacy focusing on sectors, institutions, and issues of public interest with a particular focus on the state of corruption and challenges of governance. The primary  objective is to identify various factors that work as barriers to transparency, accountability, and effective governance. Based on  the findings of the research TIB provides recommendations and undertakes advocacy initiatives to bring in positive changes through necessary legal, policy, strategic and institutional reforms engaging with the government and other concerned stakeholders.
The current volume titled Governance Challenges of Bangladesh: The Way Forward is the eighth in the series of compilation of summaries of reports on selected sectors and/or institutions that TIB publishes every year. The earlier such volumes were all in Bangla. The current volume, consisting of reports published in 2017 is being published for the first time in English simultaneously with the Bangla version. The English version is expected to meet the growing demand for TIB research by various non-native stakeholders.
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