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Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme

An orientation programme for the Nalitabari Theatre Group was organized by TIB on 14-15 March 2003 in Zila Parishad Bungalow, Nalitabari. More than twenty-five performers attended the programme. Ms. Awna Cozannet, a French choreography specialist, facilitated the programme. Training session was facilitated by Halima Khandakar Reban and Jwel Kabir Akash. Kamal Hossain Mintu coordinated the training session. The orientation programme focused on the following areas:


a. Basics of theatre

b. Characterization

c. Body language

d. Choreography

e. Physical exercise

f. Concentration

g. Imagination

h. Improvisation

i. Creation of Story and drama

j. Game