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Reception, June 2003

Reception for Union Parishad Chairman & Members

TIB and the Jamalpur Sadar CCC (Committee of Concerned Citizens) arranged a reception meeting for the newly elected chairman and members of Jamalpur Sadar upazila on 19 May at the municipality conference room. The Deputy Commissioner of Jamalpur Md. Abul Hashem was present as chief guest. Chaired by the CCC convenor Advocate Md. Nazrul Islam, the chairman and women members of the upazila, representatives of TIB and CCC members were present on the occasion. It was addressed by Advocate H R Zahid Anwar, Journalist Mostafa Babul and Programme Officer of TIB Ekram Hossain among others.

Theatre Show

The People's theatre staged its production Lal Sabujer Deshe (The Land of Red and Green) on 19 May at Shahid Minar of Jamalpur. It is the second production of Mymensingh Theatre Group. This play depicted the irregularities, mismanagement and corruption of the police, education, health, lower judiciary etc. Around thousand spectators enjoyed the show.

Workshop at Muktagacha

A workshop on 'the Role of the Citizens for Establishing Transparency and Accountability at the Local Level' was held on 22 May at the auditorium of the municipal library in Muktagacha. Chaired by the CCC convenor Advocate Shamsul Hoque, around 35 representatives from various classes were present at the workshop. The Muktagacha CCC and TIB jointly organized the programme.

Workshop at Mymensingh

A similar workshop was held at the auditorium of Mymensing BNSB eye hospital on 23 May. The meeting was jointly organized by TIB and Mymensingh Sadar CCC. Chaired by the CCC convenor Professor Shamsul Islam, this workshop was attended by politicians, journalists, teachers, lawyers, doctors, NGO officials, women workers and members of the civil society. Programme Specialist of TIB Abu Zayed Mohammad was the facilitator of the workshop.

Workshop at Modhupur

The Modhupur CCC and TIB have organized a workshop on 'the Role of the Citizens for Establishing Transparency and Accountability at the Local Level' on 28 May, 2003 at the Modhupur BADC training centre. Professor Golam Samdani, convenor of CCC Modhupur presided over the workshop. Programme Specialist of TIB Abu Zayed Mohammad was the facilitator. Around 50 representatives from various professions were present at the workshop.

11th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC)

The 11th IACC was recently concluded at the South Korean capital city of Seoul on 25-28 may. It was organized by the Korean Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the IACC Council, Transparency International and TI-Korea.

"To effectively fight corruption, we have to bring close partnership between faith-based organizations because five billion people out of 6.8 billion in the world are attached to those," Peter Eigen, chairman of TI, told the four-day IACC conference. "No religion or culture in the world supports bribery, theft and corruption," said justice Barry O' Keefe, chairman of the IACC council. The conference underscored the access to information as a tool for the poor to assert their rights and curb corruption.

Member of the TIB Board of Trustees Professor Muzaffer Ahmad, Research Associates Md. Abdul Alim and Shamaila Mahbub represented TIB at the IACC.