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Discussion Meeting, August, 2003

Discussion Meeting

The Nalitabari CCC officials met with the local education authorities on 18 August. The discussion focused on ways to eradicate irregularities in the primary education sector. The meeting was presided over by Naltabari Upazila Education Officer Altaf Hossain. CCC Convener M A Hakam Hira, Member Samedul Islam Talukder and Upazila Assistant Education Officer Merajuddin spoke at the meeting. The meeting was held at Garkanda Government Primary School. Over 100 headmasters and teachers of primary schools, CCC members, and Assistant Education Officers were present at the meeting.


Focus Group Discussion at Mymensingh

A Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was held on 18 August, 2003 at the Mymensingh AIC office. Ten women activists were present at the workshop. The discussion was structured to elicit suggestions from the participants to make TIBs Advice and Information Centre (AIC) more effective. Some recommendations were made for more and better publicity for the AIC office & identification of the needs of the people the AIC wishes to serve. TIB Research Officer Sydur Rahman Molla and CCC member Sharifuzzaman Parag were present at the FGD as moderators.

FGDs on Health Service

In order to improve the standard of healthcare and overall management of the hospitals and health centers the six CCCs organized around forty Focus Group Discussions. The FGDs were held at different places of greater Mymensingh from 13 to 27 August. Representative from various professions were present. The participants pointed out many irregularities in hospital management and made subsequent recommendations for reform. Issues like maltreatment of the patients, scarcity of medicine, negligence of nurses and doctors towards the patients, unhygienic wards, beds and toilets, lack of pure drinking water and food, bribery in order to get treatment were discussed at the meeting.

The Kishoreganj CCC organized eight Focus Group Discussions at different places of the sadar upazilla from 13 to 27 August. CCC member and Convenor of Advocacy Activities of Health Service Advocate Saiful Hoque Molla (Dulu) was present at the FGDs. Field Organizer of TIB Rafiqul Islam acted as the moderator.

Similar FGDs were also held from 14 to 27 August at different places of Mymensingh. Those who had received service from Mymensingh Medical College Hospitals within the last one year were present in the group discussions. CCC member Sharifuzzaman Parag was present at the FGDs as moderator.

With the goal of improving the quality of health-care services, the Muktagacha CCC organized eight FGDs from 14 to 26 August. Important recommendations were made at the FGDs. Field Organizer of TIB Akhi Kunda acted as moderator.

Eight similar FGDs were held at different places in Modhupur from 17 to 25 August. TIB Programme Officer Ekram Hossain and CCC members Dr. Mir Forhadul Alam (Moni) and Sri Coomer Guha Neogi were present at the FGDs as moderators.

The Jamalpur CCC organized eight FGDs at different places of sadar upazilla from 30 July to 20 August. CCC members Md. Hasanur Rahman Khan and Adv. Shameem Ara Begum were present at the FGDs as moderators.

Peoples Theatre play 'Relief' staged

Nalitabari People's Theatre staged its play Relief on 27 August at Fakirpara Primary School premises and at Rabardem Bazar of Nalitabari. The play depicted the irregularities, mismanagement and corruption in relief distribution in the country. An audience of around eight hundred spectators enjoyed the two shows.