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Independence Day Observed, 2004

Independence Day Observed, 2004

A discussion meeting titled 'Bangladesher Swadhinota: Attya Shamikhkha (The Independence of Bangladesh: A Self Scrutiny)' was held on 24 March 2004 in Mymensingh. The program was organized by the Volunteers' Group of TIB's Mymensingh zone. Mr. Habibur Rahman Noman, a volunteer, presented the keynote-paper as resource person while eminent journalist and a member of CCC Mr. Momtaz Uddin were present as the Chief Guest. Mr. Hazi Shah Abdullahey Mannan, a local High School teacher and TIB's Program Assistant Karuna Kishore Chakravorty also addressed the function. Later, the volunteers took part in an open-discussion session. They expressed their willingness to learn the true history of the liberation war and called upon the Government to initiate measures to open a website regarding the war of independence. A cultural program followed the discussion.

At Modhupur of Tangail district, the CCC and the Volunteers' Group jointly brought out a wall-magazine 'Chatona' in observance of the Independence and National Day. The beautifully illustrated magazine carried articles, poems, short stories on various aspects of the liberation war and also some jokes against corruption.

People's Theatre: Laal Shobujer Deshey staged in Mymensingh

TIB's People's Theatre Group in collaboration with Mymensing's CCC office staged their second production 'Laal Shobujer Deshey' on March 26, 2004 at the Khagdohor Hossain Memorial High School premises. TIB's Senior Program Officer (Advocacy) and eminent actress Rokeya Prachy and Program Assistant Karuna Kishore Chakravorty introduced the program. The audience, comprising of more than 700 spectators including the local Union Parishad Chairman Wakiluddin Ahmed, enjoyed the show. 'Laal Shobujer Deshey' is a portrayal of the corruptions that prevail in various sectors of social life like police, lower judiciary, education and health. It also attempted to unveil the corrupt nature of some politicians. Those who performed in the play included Tridib, Apu, Rusho, Mahbub, Molina, Naser, Partha, Shajib, Mosharraf and Goutam.

DFID delegation meets TIB's Volunteers' and People's Theatre Groups

A joint meeting of the Mymensingh's CCC, TIB's Volunteers' and People's Theatre Groups and DFID delegation was held on March 28, 2004. Ms. Sarah White, Ms. Ena Miles, Ms. B Parks and Ms. Tasnim represented the DFID team while Mr. Ekram Hossain, Ms. Shamapika Haldar and Mr. Karuna Kishore Chakravorty represented TIB. The meeting started with Mr. Karuna Kishore Chakravorty briefing the DFID delegation, in details, about the Volunteers' and People's Theatre Groups and its various activities. The delegation asked questions to the members regarding their successes, future plans and problems. A lively cultural program was also arranged after the meeting. Around 40 members were present.

DFID team visits Modhupur

On 30 March 2004, DFID's Governance Advisor Ms. B Parks along with some TIB officials visited the CCC office in Modhupur area and spent the whole day there. The team held talks with different groups of people including Upazilla Assistant Commissioner (Land), Local Upazilla Education Officer, officers of a local NGO 'Nijera Kori', the tribal groups of Jalchatra area, local teachers and members of the civil society. TIB's Program Officer Mr. Ekram Hossain, Program Assistant Karuna Kishore Chakravorty and local CCC Covener Professor Golam Samdani were present. Ms. Parks also held talks with around 50 local people from different professions about anti-corruption activities, its outcome and its future plans as to how to curb and control it.