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Members' Meeting Held, 2004

Members' Meeting Held

The TIB Members Meeting 2004 was held on November 4, 2004, at 3 pm at the Chalet Restaurant, Gulshan, Dhaka. The meeting was attended by 32 members. Ms. Sayyada Ruhi Ghaznavi, Secretary General and Acting Chairperson of Board of Trustees attended. It was also participated by Dr. Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director and 21 other members of the TIB staff. During the meeting senior staff members of TIB made presentations on the progress of work since the last meeting, and the plan of work for the next year and beyond. They also highlighted a brief assessment of the achievements and challenges ahead. In the open discussion several members took active part freely. It was suggested by the members that   TIB should explore how it could engage the government leaders more closely so as to remove their misperceptions about TIB.

Members appreciated the good work done by TIB and suggested that instead of holding meetings like this, members should be given the opportunity to take part in activities organized by TIB. Another suggestion was that most of the concerns raised by members would be addressed if arrangements were made to hold members meeting on a monthly basis. The ED responded by saying that this would be logistically impossible at this stage. He would however explore the possibility of facilitating a members' day on a quarterly basis on which members would be able to freely discuss with staff about the ongoing work of TIB and other matters of interest. The meeting was followed by an Ifter.