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International Anti-Corruption Day observed by TIB, 2004

International Anti-Corruption Day observed by TIB

Government persuaded to sign and ratify UN Convention Against Corruption

TI-Bangladesh has observed the International Anti-corruption Day with great enthusiasm and expectation. Activities included the following:

    Public rallies and discussion meetings;

    Essay, debate, drawing and investigative journalism competition;

    Cultural events like songs and drama;

    Posters, billboards and a TV spot especially made on the occasion

The key objective to raise public awareness about the need to fight corruption and to mobilize greater participation of all stakeholders. Programs were organized not only in the capital Dhaka, but also in most other major cities as well as grassroots levels where TIB has been working through Committees of Concerned Citizens (CCCs). Participation has been widespread and spontaneous everywhere.

TI Integrity Award for the late journalist Manik Saha was also handed over to his wife, Nanda Saha.


In Dhaka, highlight of the day was an Advocacy Seminar on the "UN Convention against Corruption" in which the key-note paper was titled "UN Convention against Corruption: The International Instrument in National Interest". The meeting was attended by over 200 participants with Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs as Chief Guest and Barrister Rokanuddin Mahmud, President of Supreme Court Bar Association as Special Guest.

The main outcome of the event was a clear commitment of the Government announced by the Law Minister to initiate the process towards signing the Convention. The Minister added that he would soon write to the Foreign Minister requesting necessary measures on the part of the Foreign Ministry. He was subsequently quoted to have already written a letter to the Foreign Minister.

TIB will continue to take follow-up initiatives of advocacy and campaign to keep the momentum so the Government not only signs and ratifies the Convention as soon as possible, but also implement it in both spirit and letter, which are consistent with the electoral commitment of the government as well as all major political parties.