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TIB concerned about move to authorize government to withdraw corruption cases

TIB concerned about move to authorize governmentto withdraw corruption cases

Dhaka, 22 November 2012.Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) expressed deep concern and disappointment at the reported initiative by the Home Ministry to amend the Anti-corruption Act to authorize the Government to withdraw so-called politically motivated cases of corruption. TIB called upon the Government to abandon such self-defeating initiative which is against its own electoral pledge that placed corruption control on top of priority.

In a statement issued today, Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director of TIB said, “while no politically motivated case is acceptable if proven to be so in the due judicial process, making a legal provision authorizing the government to withdraw such cases will create opportunity for conflict of interest and withdrawal of genuine cases under partisan political consideration”.

“TIB considers the move to be clearly motivated by partisan consideration and conflict of interest. If it is pushed through the legal structure and authority of the Ant-corruption Commission as well as justice system will be drastically undermined. If any corruption case is politically motivated, it can and should be proved in the court of law through due process. There cannot be any justification of reposing such sweeping powers in the hands of the Government which can only render any prospect of corruption control a victim of partisan politics”, he said.

On the other hand, TIB is also concerned that the amended version in Anti-corruption Act which is expected to strengthen the capacity of the Anti-corruption Commission has not yet been placed in the Parliament, nor has it been made public. This raises doubt about the sincerity and capacity of the government to fulfill its election pledge. The set of draft amendments must be disclosed for public information and placed in the Parliament without any further delay, the statement said.

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