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Download Screensaver

TIB Screensaver Click here to [Download]
How to setup TIB Screensaver
  • Extract the TIB Screensaver file kept in zipped format. Note: the folder has few files which is mandatory during installation of TIB Screensaver.
  • Click on the file named as TIB Screensaver.exe from the folder
  • It will open the installer window like the below pictorial presentation:
Press continue to install the screensaver
Accept the agreement, if you do not accept the agreement in that case the installation will be stopped immediately. If you agree select "I accept the agreement" and press continue
Once you press continue it will start installing the screensaver and a progress bar will be displayed during installation
Once the installation is complete it will prompt you to open the Display properties to set your screensaver timer and press finish to complete the installation.