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Outreach & Communication

The key objective of TIB’s outreach and communication programmes is to transform the product of TIB’s Research and Policy into tools for institutional and policy change. It is also aimed at expanding the TIB constituency through increased citizens’ participation in anti-corruption movement nationally and locally. Tools applied for outreach and communication include:
  • Dissemination of research outputs and using the same in creating public opinion and demand through various tools of communication including the print and electronic media
  • Engaging the citizens especially young generation through the YES movement
  • Engaging with the Government, law-makers and officials directly and indirectly for policy reform and institutional change
  • Building issue-based partnerships with other organisations in order to strengthen the anti-corruption constituency
  • Membership relations and expanding support groups
  • Outreach and media campaign
Investigative Journalism Awards: TIB has introduced Investigative Journalism Awards since 1999 for encouraging the journalists to produce investigative reports on corruption. Two awards are being awarded each year from print and electronic media for best investigative reports. A third category was also introduced in 2007 to award best local investigative report.
Newsletter and E-Bulletin: TIB publishes a quarterly newsletter in Bangla and a monthly e-bulletin for dissemination of information TIB’s governance and anti-corruption activities.
Media Campaign: No anti-corruption movement can be successful without active media support. In addition to its own role as an anti-corruption watchdog institution, the media provides a highly important supportive role to TIB’s anti-corruption efforts. Both the print and electronic media provide wide coverage of TIB’s work. Newspaper and television advertisements are put out carrying messages against corruption. TIB also works with private television and radio channels for event-based partnerships, phone-in programmes, talk shows, and anti-corruption messages.
Right to Information: TIB works for promoting people’s right to information, which is the pre-condition to ensure other fundamental rights. As a non government organisation that spearheaded the movement leading to the enactment of the Right to Information Act, TIB has been mainstreaming people’s right to information in its core activities, with special emphasis on building capacity on both demand and supply side. TIB has also undertaken initiatives to apply such non-conventional tools of disclosure and accountability as Citizen’s Charter and Integrity Pledge in order to promote transparency and accountability in service delivery institutions of education, health and local government sector.
Membership: TIB invites individuals to become its member. TIB membership programme is expected to strengthen the anti-corruption movement and enrich the same with the competence, dedication and experience of individuals of recognized integrity from diverse backgrounds. Members share TIB’s vision, mission and values, and are committed to the active promotion and realization of its goals. They observe and uphold TIB’s Code of Ethics. Members are associated with TIB on fully voluntary basis.