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CE Intervention Strategies

1. Awareness raising/promotional/motivational activities (public gatherings, cultural activities, fairs, debates, essay competitions).
2. Advocacy and lobbying (meetings, roundtables, seminars, FtP, citizen’s report card, CRC).
Integrity Pledge (oath taking).
3. AI desks/ALAC (information, assistance, referral, hotline).
4. Capacity development (orientation, training, workshop).
5. Publication (newsletter)
6. Networking & partnership.
a. Mothers’ Gathering
Mother’s Gathering’ encourages mothers to play an active role in their children’s education. The objective of Mothers ‘Gathering is to make mothers aware of the entitlements of their school-going children and be capable enough to raise their voice and place their demand to improve the quality of education and facilities that are necessary to create an environment that is conducive for learning. It is a social accountability tool which, in a participatory process, promotes disclosure and transparency in schools, reduces unauthorized payments for service provided by the school, and holds the school authorities accountable. It is also a useful process of woman participation and empowerment in the improvement of primary education.
b. Face-the-Public (FtP)
Organize specific programmes in which common citizens have an opportunity to meet the public representatives and officials to discuss selected matters of public interest. Thanks to face to face questions and answers method these “face the public” events are effective means of ensuring accountability of officials and public representatives to the members of the public.
c. Advice & Information Desk (AI Desk)
AI-desks which are forums for simultaneously receiving reports/complaints of corruption, educating the public at the local levels on their rights, entitlements and duties in challenging corruption, providing effective channels for dialogue and feedback on corruption cases, and establishing working partnerships with relevant government institutions involved in the fight against corruption. Advice and Information Desks (AI-desks): AI-Desks provide basic information (for example the cost of drugs; doctor hours; examination fees; budget of the Union Parishad) and advice on key public services to the public. AI-Desks are placed at CCC offices and ‘satellite’ AI-Desks are placed at schools, hospitals and local government offices.