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Committees of Concerned Citizens (CCCs)

TIB’s agents of change: TIB believes that social mobilization is imperative for inducing change in people’s attitudes, behavior and capacity in resisting corruption. Accordingly, TIB has established 45 citizens’ volunteer groups (Committees of Concerned Citizens-CCCs) in 45 districts and 60 Youth Engagement and Support groups (YES) throughout the country to carry forward the anti-corruption movement. CCCs are groups of citizens with high degree of credibility, integrity, social acceptability, and leadership capacity to inform, motivate and mobilize citizens in challenging corruption and promoting integrity in service delivery at the local levels.
Why CCC's?
Advocacy at the local level is carried out through civic engagement on the basis of TIB’s research findings in selected sectors/institutions and other demand driven issues with the aim of sensitizing citizens about their rights help change their attitudes towards corruption and capacitate them to challenge corruption.
TIB believes that fighting corruption and promoting transparent, accountable and efficient governance not only require effective laws and institutions but also active and concerted citizens’ efforts. This idea stems from the fact that since corruption is regarded by most citizens as an integral part of their lives the real challenge lies in changing people’s attitude and behavior, so that they no longer accept corruption as an inevitable aspect of life. While the primary responsibility of tackling corruption essentially lies with the government, TIB recognizes that it is the people who are the ultimate repository of power for exerting pressure for good governance
Mobilizing people to challenge corruption is an integral part of any initiative aimed at reducing corruption in a given society. Social mobilization helps change people’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in ways that strengthen their capacity to resist corrupt practices that they encounter in their respective communities. To this end, under PDC TIB developed volunteer citizens groups (Committees of Concerned Citizens-CCCs) The CCCs are groups of citizens with high degree of credibility, integrity, social acceptability, courage, and leadership capacity to inform, motivate and mobilize citizens in various activities for curbing and preventing corruption and promoting good governance. Members of the CCCs are committed to values, vision, mission and Code of Ethics of TIB. They work on a voluntary and fully non-partisan basis for prevention of corruption and promotion of accountability, transparency and good governance at the local level.
Membership Criteria
A CCC member should be:
A person of high integrity and honesty free from any allegation of corruption and;
Widely respected and acceptable to all for contribution to local public life;
Politically non-partisan having no direct or formal involvement in partisan political
activity and having proven capacity to ensure that political and/or other likings and
disliking would not be brought to affect the affairs of CCC and or TIB;
Active and interested to work voluntarily;
A person who shares the vision, mission, values and objectives of TIB and is
committed to TIB Code of Ethics;
A permanent citizen of Bangladesh and resident of the CCC area;
S/he should not be:
A person with any record of involvement in corruption;
Convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude;
A public servant enjoying any special status granted by law;
Actively involved in party politics;
Guilty of default of any public dues determined by a court of law;
Less than 30 years nor more than 75 years of age; and
Immediate family member of the executive director of TIB and any other full-time
member of the TIB staff.


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