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Climate Finance Governance

Bangladesh is one of the countries most critically vulnerable to the potentially disadvantaging impact of climate change. Climate Change has been identified nationally and internationally as a major challenge for the development of Bangladesh, life and livelihood of its people, socio-economic progress, sustainability and poverty eradication-hence over all existence and security of the nation. Recognizing the importance of addressing the risk as well as tackling the effect of climate change, huge amount of money have to spend in Bangladesh in this sector during the coming decades. For ensuring the proper flow of the climate finance for promoting national interest, especially for the welfare of the vulnerable population, ensuring transparency, accountability, integrity in using these resources in both necessary and urgent, so that the affected population for whom the funds have been allocated can be protected from the potential incidents of corruption, conflict of interest, nepotism and irregularities, and resources can be delivered to the door step of the risk-prone population.
In this regards, Transparency International Bangladesh has undertaken the Climate Finance Governance Program aimed at helping ensure that climate financing decisions and actions are conducted with transparency, accountability and integrity so as to prevent corruption and misuse of funds from undermining climate goals. A key objective of the program is to increase capacities of stakeholders, particularly civil society to contribute to climate finance governance policy development, implementation and oversight with the participation of stakeholders, including the Government, fund managers, donors, CSO, NGOs, private sectors, media thru research, capacity building, networking and advocacy.