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Overview of Bangladesh Water Integrity Network (BAWIN)

The Bangladesh Water Integrity Network (BAWIN) is a multi-stakeholder network of water sector institutions at national and sub-national levels as well as individuals committed to promote integrity in the water sector on Bangladesh through research, campaign and advocacy engaging various stakeholders.
BAWIN’s vision is a water sector in Bangladesh representing highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability so that the people at large, especially the poor and the disadvantaged are ensured of their right of access to water for life and livelihood without being affected by governance deficit and corruption.
BAWIN’s values are transparency, accountability, integrity, honesty and respect for equality of all. The network is committed to promoting equitable access to information and meaningful participation of all stakeholders within the Government and outside, particularly communities, civil society and media as means of achieving our goals.
Created at the initiative of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), BAWIN’s objectives are to:
  • Stimulate public debate and support for integrity in the water sector in Bangladesh by promoting transparency and accountability in policies and actions affecting the sector;
  • Help institutions in the water sector to measurably improve transparency and accountability in polices, programmes and operations through knowledge and fact-based advocacy, camapaign and engagement; and 
  • Facilitate change that improves content and quality of services in the water sector with particular emphasis on sustainable livelihood of all, especially the poor and disadvantaged sections of the society.
BAWIN strives to achieve its objectives through:
  • Collaborative efforts of its members with various stakeholders within the Government and outside including media and civil society;
  • Promoting values and practices of integrity and transparency by research and knowledge-based advocacy, campaign and engagement; and
  • Specific initiatives to promote integrity in the water sector with particular emphasis on actions to benefit the poor and the most vulnerable.
  • Capacity building at all levels to scan integrity in the water sector.
The strength of BAWIN is in its membership, including institutional as well as individual members, who are committed to high standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability. BAWIN will catalyze policies and measures to prevent and combat corruption and promote improved individual and organisational behaviour of integrity within and outside the members’ own organizations.
BAWIN Secretariat is hosted in Transparency International Bangladesh. Planning and implementation of BAWIN’s work are coordinated by a fully participatory process engaging all members of the Network.
BAWIN Brief (Bangla)
BAWIN Brief (English)