3rd TIB-DUMCS Anti-Corruption Moot Court Ends, DU Champion

Published: 09 March 2024

Champion: Dhaka University team

The 3rd TIB-DUMCS Anti-Corruption Moot Court Competition concluded on 9 March 2024 at TIB’s Dhaka office in MIDAS Centre, Dhanmondi. Teams from the country’s twenty public and private universities took part in the competition that centered around the spirit of anti-corruption. Of these, the Dhaka University (DU) team became the champion, while the State University of Bangladesh team became the runner-up.

Runner-up: State University of Bangladesh team

The country's apex court justices graced the competition on the concluding day with their prudent judgment in the final round. The participating youths presented memorials, and gave sharp-witted arguments on the given case in front of the esteemed judges. Every participant was given a certificate, and the winning teams received crests.

Winners of other categories:

Memorial Award

  • • Uttara University - Best Memorial Award
  • • Dhaka University - 2nd Best Memorial Award
  • • Jagannath University - 3rd Best Memorial Award

Oralist Award

  • • Rafid Azad Saumik, Dhaka University - Best Oralist Award
  • • Oishe Rahman, Dhaka University - 2nd Best Oralist Award
  • • Anika Tabassum Haque, The State University of Bangladesh- 3rd Best Oralist Award

Spirit & Best New Team Award

  • • Dhaka University - Spirit of TIB Award
  • • East West University - Best New Team Award

About the event:

Moot court is a shadow arbitration session resembling real courtroom proceedings. The students, aspiring to thrive in the legal profession in the future, test their academic prowess and analytical skill in the moot court.

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), in collaboration with Dhaka University Moot Court Society (DUMCS), organised the competition for the third time. The event aims to give the country's law students hands-on experience in legal proceedings and instill the spirit of anti-corruption in them.

This year, the moot court was inaugurated on 6 March, while its preliminary round took place on 8 March, and the finale on 9 March. The first TIB-DUMCS moot court was organized in 2017, and the second in 2019.

Inspiring words:

At the award giving ceremony, Supreme Court Justice Syed Refaat Ahmed encouraged the students to observe court proceedings to know more about the legal process to enrich themselves.

Encouraging the students, TIB Executive Director Dr. Iftekharuzzaman said all the participants of the moot court were winners, as the competition was an opportunity for them to learn, make network, and develop friendships. He also told them to remember that they should take the value of anti-corruption from the competition and practice it in their lives.

Expressing optimism, DU Law Faculty Dean Dr. Shima Zaman said the students would learn a lot from such a competition, and it would also instill the spirit of anti-corruption in their professional lives.

Adviser Executive Management of TIB and Professor of DU Law Department Dr. Sumaiya Khair said such events provide the students with an opportunity to make friends and learn about the road of legal process.