Dhaka YES groups raise awareness on World Environment Day

Published: 07 June 2023

Youth in Action


In a chaotic city like Dhaka, plastic pollution and the lack of trees impact the environment, degrade our health, and make life more miserable. While plastic materials clog the drainage systems, the lack of trees contribute to air pollution and overheat the surroundings.

Facing such realities head on, one of TIB’s volunteer clusters, the Dhaka Youth Engagement & Support (YES) group observed the World Environment Day on 5 June 2023 by pointing out the city’s problems and raising awareness among the public.

From collecting plastic materials to sweeping streets, planting trees to displaying wall magazines, and holding human chains & discussions to organizing signature campaigns on environmental issues, the youth group organised all the events with such enthusiasm that the scorching summer heat could not stop them.

Volunteers gathered with the mindset to engage people from all walks of life in the movement to save the environment, the main objective of SDG-13. With the powerful message and campaign #BeatPlasticPollution, widely used on this year’s World Environment Day across the globe, Dhaka YES groups engaged people in their programmes with high spirits.

Teachers & students participate in awareness campaigns at Dhaka University

Emphasizing strict enforcement of laws to solve plastic pollution, five different Dhaka YES groups from the University of Dhaka organized a number of activities where university teachers participated and raised their concerns over the use of plastic. They also raised awareness about the reluctance of implementing existing laws to stop the use of plastic materials.

The lively events, rallies, and discussions were arranged by the YES groups from Department of Development Studies, Institute of Education & Research (IER), Institute of Social Welfare & Research, Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall and Bangladesh-Kuwait Maitree Hall of University of Dhaka (DU).

The volunteers started the day by planting trees at the institutions and dormitories where the YES groups are based. Institutions’ directors, YES group advisors, and house tutors of the university were present during the tree plantation initiatives.

Later, the youth group organized a human chain and signature campaign at the premises of Aparajeyo Bangla of DU where the university teachers spoke on the policies required to prevent plastic pollution and called upon the govt. to take more effective steps. Meanwhile, a signature campaign was held where the participants wrote their commitment to prevent plastic pollution and a wall magazine on environmental issues, prepared by IER department YES group, was put on display.

At the end of the human chain programme, leaders, deputy leaders and other members of YES groups undertook campus cleaning activities adjacent to the Art Building of the University. Around hundred participants including teachers, YES Members, and other students attended the events.

Awareness campaign at Stamford University: Vice Chancellor and 100 others join

The Department of Environmental Science and the YES group of Stamford University Bangladesh jointly organized a rally and discussion meeting on 01 June 2023 on the occasion of World Environment Day. Among others, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Moniruzzaman joined the discussion meeting. Around hundred participants including teachers, officials and students attended the event.

Quiz competition and discussions held by Daffodil YES group

YES group of Daffodil International University organized an Anti-Corruption Quiz competition and a discussion marking World Environment Day. Students from different departments participated in the quiz showing their enthusiasm, while teachers participated in the discussion sessions.