12 October 2007

Problems of Governance in the NGO Sector:

The Way Out

Bangladesh has a strong tradition of private philanthropic initiatives for humanistic and voluntaryworks for people’s welfare. Many schools, colleges, hospitals and other voluntary initiatives forpublic service have their origin in the philanthropic values of caring and sharing.

It is with the same spirit of caring and sharing that after the Liberation War in 1971 many dedicatedindividuals took initiatives for people’s welfare, at the beginning in the form of relief andrehabilitation, which subsequently transformed into NGOs working in wide ranging areas ofdevelopment and social change. As a complimentary force to the state sector, NGOs have madegreat contributions to public welfare, in many cases becoming national and international modelswhich are being replicated in many countries of the world. Micro-finance, women empowerment,education, health, environment, rights-based awareness and demand creation are only a fewexamples of the whole range of areas in which NGOs are actively and commendably involved inBangladesh.


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