Jahangirnagar YES group organises Extempore Speech Competition and Anti-corruption Cartoon Exhibition

Published: 01 March 2023

With the slogan The Invincible Youth Will Surely Resist Corruption, Youth Engagement and Support (YES) Group of Jahangirnagar University organised an Extempore Speech Competition at its campus compound on 01 March 2023 where the students of different departments participated. The competition aimed to raise awareness among the youth about corruption and bring them together to fight against it.

Rubina Jahan Tithi (Philosophy) won the competition, with Maliha Malha (Journalism & Media Studies) and Towhid Siyam (International Relations) as the first and the second runner-up respectively.

At the prize giving ceremony, Government and Politics dept. professor and YES group Chief Advisor at the university, Mr. Bashir Ahmed, was present as the chief guest and conducted the anti-corruption oath session. TIB’s Civic Engagement Director, Fernana Ferdous, was also present as the special guest. The discussants at the ceremony urged the youth to take a strong and active role in curbing corruption and acknowledged the efforts of TIB in implementing the Right to Information Act and anti-corruption social movement in the country.

Cartoon exhibition and miniature library launch: On the same day, the Jahangirnagar YES group also organised the anti-corruption cartoon exhibition to spread the message of TIB among the campus students. Jahangirnagar University Proctor and TIB’s Civic Engagement Director inaugurated the exhibition.

In addition to these events, YES group re-launched a Miniature Open Library at the university campus to promote knowledge on anti-corruption among students. YES Group had previously launched the Miniature Open Library on March 8, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library did not function as expected. If the response to the library at the Social Sciences Faculty Building is positive, YES group plans to extend the idea to cover more departments.