06 June 2022

The Committee of Concerned Citizens (CCC) called for the effective implementation of environmental laws and policies, and to ensure sustainable environmental development in Bangladesh. This demand was made in a human chain organized in observance of the World Environment Day on 5 June 2022. This year’s theme was 'One Earth: Sustainable Life in Harmony with Nature'. Considering the importance of good governance in the environment sector as a supporting force of government, TIB observes World Environment Day every year.

Besides human chain, different CCCs organised rallies, discussion meetings etc. The speakers, in the events, said that all should take responsibility for keeping the environment healthy for their own sake. If we do not keep the environment beautiful and healthy, our life will become more miserable. They stated that Bangladesh, despite not being responsible for carbon emissions, is suffering from its harmful effects. CCC, Active Citizens Group (ACG) and YES members along with the representatives of various organizations took part in the human chain.